Faculty and librarians on the same page

eReserve Plus’s emphasis on collaboration makes for trouble-free resource list creation. Increased efficiency means faster workflow, lower costs and better faculty and student experience.

Search for the resource you want, click, add, click. DONE.

Resource Lists

Comprehensive reading lists including links, PDFs, articles, images and video are quickly created, approved and distributed with just a few clicks

Fast Track

Fast track availability to students significantly reduces manual workflow, review and speeds up approvals

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with Learning Management Systems, Library Discovery and Catalogues

Easy Re-Use

For each new teaching period, learning materials and existing reading lists can, in a matter of seconds, be swiftly made available and re-used

User Friendly

Drag and drop features, colour coding and support for over 800 Citation styles makes eReserve Plus super easy to use

eReserve makes life easy for librarians

We understand that the quality of library resources and how those resources are managed and distributed are at the heart of academic excellence.

eReserve Plus provides librarians and faculty with detailed business intelligence and analytics on student engagement and resource usage for better subscription decisions and to help identify at-risk students.

Efficient Onboarding

We work with you to develop a deployment plan based on your needs and onboard quickly

Total Integration

eReserve Plus can quickly ingest data from existing systems for swift data migration

Less Waste

No more paying twice for resources covered by existing licenses

Copyright Foundation

eReserve Plus has copyright best practices “baked in” and supports both Fair Use and Fair Dealing copyright laws

Bulk Ingestion

For faster, automated uploading, eReserve Plus can ingest thousands of resources, schedules and lists at once

Online learning is the new normal

eReserve Plus offers full digital delivery capacity for a 100 per cent remote, completely safe learning experience and provides educators with the student engagement data they need to ensure every student excels, no matter who or where they are.

Improved Student Outcomes

Detailed student analytics encourages constant quality improvement of course content

Greater Accessibility

eReserve Plus meets WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards. Digital delivery is making higher learning attainable for more people

Resource Linking

Learning resources can quickly and easily be ‘peppered’ throughout course content for pedagogically correct placement of materials


Digital delivery ensures safety of students and faculty

Resources Ready

No waiting, no delay, no worries. Resources ready, 24/7

Copyright control is in our DNA

eReserve Plus is the ONLY resource management platform built on a foundation of copyright best practice and that offers a clear defensible position against the increasing threat of copyright litigation.

NO other system comes close to our world-first functionality.

The savings to be found in making maintaining accurate usage records of copyright materials are astronomical.

eReserve Plus ROI Calculator

eReserve Plus pays for itself in 90 days or less. Use our ROI calculator and discover how much money your institution can save using eReserve Plus. Please provide us some background information in order to calculate the cost savings for your institution.

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Goodbye, guesswork

Accurate licensing and resource management starts delivering ROI on day one

Copyright ‘baked-in’

Copyright is at the heart of what we do, not some hasty add-on

No more reporting panic

One-touch reporting, best-in-class Fair Use assessments, and full support for Fair Dealing, makes onerous surveys and copyright permissions a thing of the past

Detailed Data & Analytics

Drastically improved efficiency allows staff more time for other tasks. Using the eReserve Plus dashboard staff can quickly see blockages, under/over utilised resources, identify at risk students and if KPI’s are being met

Stay ahead of the pack

eReserve Plus is an advanced solution for forward-thinking institutions

eReserve Plus gets it right

eReserve Plus builds bridges across operational and departmental divides to get everyone working together toward the common goal of better student outcomes, reduced effort for faculty and library staff, improved subscription and resource management and healthier copyright practice.

Librarians have a comprehensive repository of quality assured resources and accurate usage data. Students enjoy a seamless and more streamlined learning experience, from anywhere.

Faculty have more control over their content, can easily re-use and discover resources and can assess, at a glance how their students are engaging with their course materials.

Executives and management begin to see return on investment immediately.

With eReserve Plus, everybody wins!